Our 2015 Tedx talks 

Enjoy our TEDxKennesawStateUniversity event from March 21st, 2015! 

As born Change Agents, millennials are realizing that public education is the first place for systematic change. Why? Society is created in the classroom. In this talk, Kecia Jones takes millennials on a journey of the roots of public schooling, hilarious experiences as a student, and finally a request for us all to "remember" what it meant to be a student in public school.

The Tech Disconnect focuses on the impact technology, specifically smartphones, has on our ability to connect with one another as human beings. Technology has made our lives infinitely easier, but this talk explores how smartphones in particular are making it infinitely more difficult for us to connect with our fellow humans on a very basic level.

Using some of his own experiences, Colin's talk, titled "Uncovering Your Inner Creativity" focuses on the universal importance of creative thinking, and reveals how everyone can take advantage of their own creativity with a few simple shifts in thinking that can lead to a greater creative output.

Society says that everyone must think outside the box, but do we really even know what the box is? This need to be original is what drives people to do big things. What if the big things that people are doing could be even bigger? What if more people started changing the world?

What messages do fairy tales give us about how relationships work or what relationships are okay? The immense variety of ways in which human beings manage romantic interpersonal relationships is only beginning to break through expectations about relationships that fail to prepare us for the difficulties of making an adult relationship work.

There is very little data that exists that does not have a relevant spatial aspect. Too frequently 'the where' of the data is overlooked or ignored. The Power of Where is a glimpse into the untapped 'where' potential of data and how can potentially visualize things that may have not seen previously.

People are complex and engaging them requires understanding different thinking styles and how to motivate and communicate with those styles. Katherine's talk walks through high level insights about thinking, motivation and communication differences in right and left brain dominate people.

The irony of today's global society is that as we become more interconnected with technologies, we remain geographically illiterate in understanding the relative patterns and relationships of people, places and physical features. Exploring the geographies of beer, wine and distilled spirits may be one (quirky) way to promote geographic literacy, by uncovering the hidden geographies in the ordinary and taboo, and connecting the "where" to a given drink.

By illustrating the importance of one's legacy, Jenny Brown talks about everyday actions and decisions and how they connect to collectively define not only who we are, but also create our legacy.

Next to spectacular movements and funky music, another experience lays constant among the global population of break-dancers...That is displacement. Because the art is often seen as rough, rugged, dangerous, and disruptive, dancers are often kicked out of otherwise public spaces.

Why are Islam and America perceived as a 'clash of civilizations'? How can Allah (God in Arabic) and America make someone a Peacebuilder? Is being a Muslim AND American even possible? Professor Khan explores these questions and more through her post 9/11 journey and the idea of a Muslim American Peacebuilding Model that can change how we tackle conflict and build peace across the world.

Sit back, relax, and listen to the talented Carly Burruss. She is truly amazing with her song writing and singing abilities. Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Carly Burruss is one of the new faces of traditional country music.

Enjoy the talented singer and song writer Taylor Marie! Her talent will blow you away! Having grown up in a small town in Georgia, Taylor Marie's influences are vividly depicted in her live performances. Starting out as a songwriter, her family is the foundation for the majority of her writing, particularly her paternal Grandmother.

Rachel will move through different settings by the power of her poetry. Sit back and let her take you on a journey. Rachel is a current student at KSU. She aspires to become an educator. As an educator, she loves the dissemination of ideas.