Our 2016 Tedx talks 

Enjoy our TEDxKennesawStateUniversity event from April 16th, 2016! 

Be prepared to be moved with the amazing music produced by the talented Bandi Orgistra. They will transcend you to a different place with their unique sounds and instruments. The group was formulated in 2015 of September. The instruments used in the band includes, but are not limited to violins, mandolins, baritone ukulele, djembe, electronic, etc..

When was the last time you laughed? Leadership happens in moments. Laughter creates those moments. Mr. Coleman shares how you can be your authentic self as a leader. Donald Coleman Jr. is the Assistant Director of Orientation and Transition Programs and a Part-Time Instructor for First-Year and Transition Studies at Kennesaw State University.

Have you ever felt sad, mad, or lonely? Rebecca highlights a unique group that is neglected from the mental health care system. She speaks about the need to make changes now for everyone to receive proper mental health services. Dr. Rebecca Johnson is a licensed psychologist, professor of psychology, and philanthropist.

When reading a book it creates emotions and knowledge. Do paper books create an atmosphere for individuals to learn better? Do we comprehend more when reading a paper book versus an electronic book? Kahdyra Camaran is a mechanical engineering student at Kennesaw State University's Marietta Campus.

When performing magic, Shawn says that his goal is not to fool people, but it's to bring people back to the childhood state of wonder and happiness, even if it's just for a moment. Enjoy your moment of happiness when watching Shawn.

Ryder Deaton discusses his dream of a world that no longer relies on fossil fuels. He explains how solar energy is the solution to the addiction of oil and producing carbon. Join him in the movement to make the earth a better place.

What does it mean to be successful? Jonah explains the current model and definition of success in society. He challenges the standard with a new model for success. Jonah Urquhart is an Electrical Engineering student at Kennesaw State University and loves discovery and technology.

Were you able to define who you are and what your passion is when graduating high school or college? When graduating, did you know your voice or how to use your voice then? Shea Holland shares about the importance of young professionals using, expressing, and finding their voice.

No blood, no foul. Sidesplitting, surprising, and sometimes, absolutely silly. Keep your hands inside the ride, folks. Buckle up. Improv Dangerously is the mantra of the organization, popularly known as "Kennesaw Improv Society, Stupid!" or "K.I.S.S.". Performers: Tad Cameron, Nathan Brosy, Kimberly Van Laningham, and Matt Siano.

They have unique message and story to share with all of us. This message and story includes empowering people to get involved in their local community. Charlotte and Morgans's unique story will inspire you to see the power of being involved in your community. Charlotte is a senior at Kennesaw State University.

Are you a good guy? Olivier raps about the struggle of the good guy. Olivier (Formerly C.Dupe) is based out Atlanta who aspires to use his music to inspire others through the experiences he has been through and using transparent approach to deliver his positive message.

Bronne is a teacher by day and performer by night. He shares about his way of creating an atmosphere through his music. In addition, he breaks down the aspects of a song and how it impacts the listener. Bronne's ability to construct a song will show you the power of music.

What do you do? What is your job? Is your job considered dirty work? Robin Mathis discusses what dirty work is and who it includes. Dr. Robin Smith Mathis teaches courses in organizational communication, group/team communication, conflict, and training and development. She has taught graduate seminars in communicating ethics, critical thinking and decision-making, and human resource development.

What are you afraid of? Kevin discusses how to encounter and handle change. His personal story will make you laugh, think, and become inspired. As Director of the Center for University Learning, Kevin leads professional development and career enrichment for faculty and staff at KSU and for the University System of Georgia's Professional Development Consortium.

It is no longer the dawn of a new age, we are in the midst of the information age. Dr. Hypolite shares with the audience the importance of critical thinking and problem solving, which lies within S.T.E.M. She breaks down the new age that requires these skills.